Friday, March 5, 2010

My Life as Nina Melissa (Chapter 1)

It's 2.05 am, March 5, 2010 finally i created my own personal blog (been long overdue since last year). I'm not sure what motivates me to stay up this late. Maybe it's because i have a new laptop, (actually it's my husband's, i bought it for his Christmas gift, which is also long overdue, hahaha). Anyway, i decided to create a personal blog so i could share my blissful life experience with my loved ones. AND i feel like writing and wake up my lazy ass, at least something to look forward from now on :) From time to time, i will share my life experiences since childhood until present time.

Thank you for taking your time checking on this particular blog. My beautiful name is Nina Melissa:). I loveee my name so much, always been thankful to my mom for it :) It means HONEYBEE in Greek.

To be continued.....

**Flashback Theme Song "Beautiful Girl" by Jose Mari Chan. My dad introduced this song to me when i was 8 yrs old, and i even performed this song with my dad at our family reunion party. It's a lovely song and i remembered how great it was ' the father/daughter' bonding sessions :D


  1. hahah seriouslyy my beautiful name?? put up more vids of brutis!!

  2. Yes, i have a beautiful name...JEALOUS??? I have to save more videos on this laptop. Brutus is a lazzyyy ass dog, he ate lotsa chicken bones today, cos' he's a good boy.