Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some like em' videos!!

I know it's been a while i havent updated my blog. As usual, it's the laziness in me that i can't overcome with. So i decided to start off this week by uploading videos that i have edited since i moved to LA.

The videos are 1) Fun Session with Damien & Mia Ruiz - My funny nephew & niece 2) Juliana; Walter's niece who is soo adorable that i cant stop smothering her 3) My 28th birthday

*Flashback Theme Song "Across The Universe" from Faressa's version. I like this song a lot since Fiona Apple remake the song for "Pleasantville" soundtrack. But i saw Faressa sang that on her blog, and now the song stuck in my head. It's very carefree, worldly song, and it can be depressing at times.

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  1. ninieee i just dont get the point of having the flashback theme songgg....sooo you biznatchhh