Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night & Lazy bum day with my husband

Started off my Sunday, as usual waking up late at 1.20 p.m. Gone to bed at 2 a.m. after watching Vicky Christina Barcelona, starring Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson. It was a fun movie, and ive asked my husband to plan our Euro trip to Spain, and Switzerland. Yesterday, we had Thai food with Walter's mom, and of course we could not end the night, by not going to either AMC or Pacific theatres nearby. We planned to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D, but the line was too long, so we decided to go for Brooklyn's Finest, starring Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere. It's the same director who made Training Day. It was a good movie, but too much killing, that my mom in law and i were screaming, hahaha. Ok im supposed to blog about my activities today, but ended blaberring about last night.

So for lunch Walter and I decided to have Peruvian food, at Puro Sabor. I always love their Pollo Saltado; it's chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions and of course potatoes with steamed rice. FYI, Peruvian food are very much like Asian, cos' there's a lot of influences from Chinese cooking. Many Peruvians have slented eyes and long straight black hair like Chinese features. One example, is my niece Celeste, my sis in law's daughter, she looked like Chinese. People would think she's my daughter/sister not my sis in laws, sometimes...hahaha..Aww i love her so much, such a well behaved girl. I cant wait until her Sweet 16, which i promised her a cool party...

After lunch, we went to Baskin Robbins, ordered our usual favorites; Waffle cone with 1 scoop of Strawberry cheesecake icecream and Walter had Banana Royale. By the time we arrived home, the Oscar was about to start. I loveeee the 2 hosts; Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. They're so funny, i remember Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, very much like my dad..i mean the coolness part of him...hahaha...I was routing for Avatar to win Best Picture, but the Hurt Locker won instead. I feel bad for James Cameron, cos' he spent a lot of money on this film. For Best Actress, i wanted Meryl Streep to win, because i love her in Julie & Julia, such a good movie. But i guess, the Academy thought she has won too much awards already. Ooh yeah, what i love about Oscars are the dresses and accessories that the ladies flaunting with. My favorite one this year would be Vera S*** frm Up In the Air, her Chilly red ruffled dress wass breathtaking and Zoe Saldana's purple/lavender ruffled dress was nice too, but too much big wave of fabric at the back, it's like she's part of an animal...hahahha....Altogether, the Oscar award was fun to watch. I told my husband that we should go to the red carpet next year, since it's right smack at Hollywood blvd, which is just 2 blocks away from his cousin's Mercedes apartment. Definitely, will try next year :)

It's 12.30 midnight right now, and im on my bed getting ready to sleep but my husband is sitting next to me playing his PS3 Call of Duty game. I dont understand why at this age of 30, he still plays videogame, etc. He said that until his 70s, he will still be playing videogames whether i like it or not *weakkksaucceeeee* Yesterday, he played the Guitar Hero, which rather amused me cos' he used a small guitar and play according to the chords/keys of songs. I will definitely try it one of these days :P

**Flashback Theme Song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from Wizard of Oz soundtrack. This song reminds me of old Hollywood theme song. I love the beginning of this movie, but i remember when i was a kid, i used to be scared of the Witch...crazy million heads in glass lab which one can exchange heads to different bodies. That was too much for me back then.

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  1. loveeeee sandra bullock...she deserved the oscar....